URI C++ Library


uripp is a C++ library for parsing and generating conformant Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs). Features are listed in the main page of the documentation.




  1. Download uripp.
  2. Uncompress downloaded file (under any directory).
  3. Change directory down one to the uncompressed files' root directory.
  4. Configure the build. The configure command has many options. Use "-h" to see all the options and where the default installation directories are located. For example, to install to local 64-bit dir use: "--libdir=/usr/local/lib64".
    > ./configure
  5. Make the lib locally and run tests:
    > make check
  6. If tests pass then install to system directories:
    > sudo make install

(Windows install has not be tried. Note src/apidefs.h for DLL import syntax.)

Developer Notes