uripp::authority Class Reference

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Detailed Description

URI authority component (without userinfo).

The authority string and the type of the authority is stored in this object. The syntax is checked with the corresponding type. For example if this indicates DOMAIN_NAME then the string can be parsed as a domain_name object.

Syntax: This does not support userinfo nor IPvFuture. Requires domain-name instead of reg-name.

 authority  = host [ ":" port ]
 host       = IP-literal | IPv4address | domain-name
 IP-literal = "[" IPv6address "]"
 port       = *DIGIT

Public Types

 domain name
 IP address.
 IP v6 address.
enum  host_type_e { null, DOMAIN_NAME, IP_ADDRESS, IPV6_ADDRESS }
 Enumeration. More...

Public Member Functions

 authority ()
 authority (const std::string &v)
bool empty () const
 Test if null/empty.
bool is_null () const
 Test if null/empty.
const std::string & host () const
 Get host.
host_type_e host_type () const
 Get host type.
unsigned short port () const
 Get port (0 if none).
std::string string () const
 Calculate string.
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os) const
 Stream out.

Static Public Attributes

static const char IP_LITERAL_BEGIN_CHAR
 IP literal begin ('[').
static const char IP_LITERAL_END_CHAR
 IP literal end (']').
static const char PORT_SEPARATOR_CHAR
 port separator (':')


bool URIPP_API parse (std::string::const_iterator &first, std::string::const_iterator last, authority &v)

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum uripp::authority::host_type_e


DOMAIN_NAME  domain name
IP_ADDRESS  IP address.
IPV6_ADDRESS  IP v6 address.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

uripp::authority::authority (  ) 


uripp::authority::authority ( const std::string &  v  ) 

Construct from string. This test to be sure host is of a valid form (see class description).

std::invalid_argument if invalid or empty

Friends And Related Function Documentation

bool URIPP_API parse ( std::string::const_iterator &  first,
std::string::const_iterator  last,
authority v 
) [friend]

Parse URI authority, returning whether found or not and advancing first and setting authority if found. Does not skip leading space.

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