uripp::scheme Class Reference

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Detailed Description

URI scheme component.


 scheme = ALPHA *( ALPHA | DIGIT | "+" | "-" | "." )
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Public Member Functions

 scheme ()
 scheme (const std::string &v)
bool empty () const
 Test if null/empty.
bool is_null () const
 Test if null/empty.
const std::string & string () const
 Get string.


bool URIPP_API parse (std::string::const_iterator &first, std::string::const_iterator last, scheme &v, char *endc)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

uripp::scheme::scheme (  ) 

Construct null.

uripp::scheme::scheme ( const std::string &  v  ) 

Construct from string. This will convert to lower case and check for valid chars. Does not include the ":". Note that the string cannot be empty, it must contain chars that are valid for the scheme.

std::invalid_argument if invalid

Friends And Related Function Documentation

bool URIPP_API parse ( std::string::const_iterator &  first,
std::string::const_iterator  last,
scheme v,
char *  endc 
) [friend]

Parse URI scheme, returning whether found or not and advancing first and setting scheme and end char if found. Does not skip leading space.

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